Information Technology with Concentration in Health and Medical Informatics (M.S.)

  • Program Overview

    With new federal mandates requiring electronic health records (EHR), the field of health information management and technology is evolving. As the entire health system continues to further their dependence on information and data, the importance of understanding and processing this data and the technology is becoming crucial. Our master’s program will help deepen your skills and knowledge in the growing health informatics field. 

    Program Overview

    Designed for business and information technology professionals who need to learn current and emerging trends; how to address privacy, ethics and security; and planned government and industry policies and programs in healthcare and medical technology.

    The program offers a set of courses in technical topics and the management of information technology systems. Electives focus on technology, management, processes and policies for the health and medical informatics field of study and profession.

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  • Curriculum

    Program of Study

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program, students will:

    • Facilitate the development and advancement of emerging information technologies to improve health care delivery and cost efficiencies
    • Gain an in-depth understanding of new and existing health information management systems within the context of the U.S. health care system
    • Become proficient in the "language" of health care, navigate the rules around using medical data, and obtain relevant information to assess changes to the health care system
    • Participate in the development, implementation, evaluation and management of information technology solutions to improve patient care and the health care delivery process
    • Utilize health information technology for decision support, knowledge management, strategic planning, and outcome assessment to optimize cost efficiencies in the health care system
    • Understand the business implications on security, privacy and policies

    Required Curriculum

    ITS 564 - Security Management
    ITS 525 - Systems Architecture and Analysis
    ITS 532 - Advanced Cloud Computing
    ITS 544 - Database Management
    ITS 553 - Technology and Innovation
    ITS 550 - Software Engineering
    ITS 570 - Business Intelligence and Data Mining
    ITS 575 - Project and Professional Management
    MHI 550 - Health & Medical Information Systems Overview
    MHI 570 - Emerging Health & Medical Information Technologies & Standards
    MHI 580 - Policies and Trends in Healthcare Informatics
    MHI 590 - Security, Ethics, Privacy & Compliance for Health & Medical Information

    Total Degree Requirements - 36 credits

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