First Professional Interior Architecture Program (M.F.A.)

  • Program Overview

    Develop advanced expertise in design, architectural research, analysis, construction of complex interior environments including coursework in design education.

    The First Professional degree program is for aspiring designers with an undergraduate degree in a field other than interior design or architecture.

    The Master of Fine Arts in Interior Architecture (MFA in I.A.) is a 108-credit program designed for those seeking advanced expertise in design research, analysis, design, and construction of complex interior environments. The program's intent is to create interior architecture specialists who select from an area of concentration: commercial and institutional, healthcare, residential, or sustainable interior environments.

    The challenging curriculum is unique, as it prepares you to enter professional interior design practice or interior design education at an advanced level. The program develops student expertise through both individual and team-based "atelier" style learning, while emphasizing the need to provide environmentally responsible interior design solutions for the 21st century.

    The program model integrates theory and practice through required courses in interior design professional practice and internships for practice-focused students and in educational practicums and simulated teaching assignments for future design educators. The curriculum reinforces Endicott's mission of experiential learning.

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  • Curriculum

    Program of Study

    *Students select a Studio Option (505A and 505B) or Global Studio Option (510A and 510B) and an area of concentration from the following concentration options: IAC Commercial and Institutional, IAH Healthcare, IAR Residential or IDS Sustainability.

    Note: Dissertation topic is sourced from the area of concentration.

    Students may substitute Design Firm Management with an Education Practicum.

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of this program, students will: 

    • Assimilate highly technical, theoretical, and sophisticated problem solving methods in the development of the design of interior environments
    • Research, understand, and demonstrate the role and impact upon society that emerging design theories and technologies have on complex interior environments
    • Assess and synthesize project needs and strategies to operate in and communicate within a collaborative and integrated mode with other design specialist and related professions
    • Develop and advance current design principles, theories and academic research, and demonstrate a contribution to design practice, education, and society
    • Develop an understanding, application and specifying furniture, fixtures, finish materials, and environmental systems, controls and regulations to maximize occupant health, welfare, and comfort within interior environments
    • Develop a global perspective for design including an understanding and application of sustainable strategies that enhance users and planet earth

    Required Curriculum

    IAx 505A* ID Studio Concentration Option or IAx 510A* Global Studio Concentration Option (Western) - 4 cr.
    IAx 505B* ID Studio Concentration Option or IAx 510B* Global Studio Concentration Option (Non-Western) - 4 cr.
    ID Technology Elective (500 level) - 3 cr. 
    Interior Architecture Elective - 3 cr.
    Interior Architecture History Elective (600 level) - 3 cr. 
    Interior Architecture Elective (600 level) - 3 cr.

    ART 510 - Visual Arts & Cultural History
    ART 520 - Drawing & Composition
    ART 530 - Foundations of Design
    ART 540 - Architecture and Interior Design History
    IA 501 - Interior Architecture Precedent Studio I
    IA 502 - Design Dynamics
    IA 506 - Emerging Materials and Systems
    IA 507 - Art and Science of Interior Lighting
    IA 511 - Forum I
    IA 512 - Forum II
    IA 517 - Theory, Criticism, and Methodology
    IA 530 - Psychology of Place
    IA 580 - Educational Practicum I
    IA 611 - Forum III
    IA 612 - Forum IV
    IA 630 - Special Topics Studio
    IA 680 - Educational Practicum II
    IA 681 - Educational Practicum III
    IA 688 - Master's Dissertation I: Seminar
    IA 689 - Master's Dissertation II: Written Defense
    IA 690 - Master's Dissertation III: Visual Defense
    IDI 510 - Interior Environments Studio I
    IDI 515 - Interior Environments Studio II
    IDI 526 - Media I: Architectural Drafting
    IDI 531 - Media II: Electronic Media
    IDI 535 - Materials and Specification
    IDI 537 - Lighting Interior Environments
    IDI 540 - Media III: Advanced Construction Documents & Rendering
    IDI 542 - Building Systems & Integrated Design
    IDI 545 - Design Portfolio
    IDI 547 - Design Research Seminar
    IDI 551 - Regulations and Guidelines
    IDI 552 - Contract Document
    IDI 555 - Professional Practice
    IDI 560 - Internship
    IDI 570 - Capstone Studio


    Interior Architecture Electives

    Students select two courses from 500 or 600 level coursework offerings

    *Course satisfies Concentration Option Elective

    IA 520 - Advanced Electronic Media
    IA 545 - Universal Design for the Built Environment
    IA 535 - Literature and Theory in Sustainable Design

    Interior Architecture History Electives

    IA 519 - Modern Furniture Classics
    IA 518 - Scandinavian Architecture and Interior Architecture
    IA 610 - Domesticity and Identity in the Built Environment
    IA 617 - Contemporary Architectural Icons

    Technology Electives

    IA 506 - Emerging Materials and Systems
    IA 507 - Art and Science of Interior Lighting
    IA 520 - Advanced Electronic Media
    IA 545 - Universal Design for the Built Environment

    Concentration Courses

    Students select their area of concentration courses from the following Concentration Options (including the 18 credit Dissertation sequence in the concentration): 

    Commercial/Institutional Interior Environments

    IAC 505A/510A - Commercial/Institutional Interior Environments I
    IAC 505B/510B - Commercial/Institutional Interior Environments II
    IAC XXX - Commercial Interior Architecture Elective

    Healthcare Interior Environments

    IAH 505A/510A - Healthcare Interior Environments I
    IAH 505B/510B - Healthcare Interior Environments II
    IAH XXX - Healthcare Interior Architecture Elective

    Residential Interior Enviroments

    IAR 505A/510A - Residential Interior Environments I
    IAR 505B/510B - Residential Interior Environments II
    IAR XXX - Residential Interior Architecture Elective

    Sustainable Interior Enviroments

    IAS 505A/510A - Sustainable Interior Environments I
    IAS 505B/510B - Sustainable Interior Environments II
    IAS XXX - Sustainable Interior Architecture Elective

    Total Degree Requirements - 108 credits

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  • Internships and Careers

    An education from the Van Loan School of Graduate and Professional Studies at Endicott College means you'll have access to premiere career resources—long after you graduate.

    Whether you're finishing your undergraduate study, adding new credentials, or working toward a new career path, you'll find resources through our Internship and Career Center to help you get where you want to go. From career advising to resume support, we're here to prepare you for your next step.

    Recent Internships

    • ARC (Architectural Resources Cambridge)
    • SMMA (Symmes, Maini, + McKee Associates)
    • Steffian Bradley Architects
    • Dyer Brown Architects
    • LWA (Leers Weinzapfel Associates)


The Interior Architecture programs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD).

Flexible Class Schedules

Programs are designed for both full-time and part-time students.

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