• Program Overview

    Expand on your existing knowledge and explore an Area of Emphasis through a reflection of your passionate interests or professional development aspiration.

    The three-semester, 100 percent online, 36-credit Master of Education in Integrative Learning compels individuals to develop systematic approaches to teaching and learning and includes practical strategies for designing learning environments that meet the needs of a culture in rapid transition through enabling educators to expand on their existing knowledge and explore an Area of Emphasis. 

    Requirements for admission include an undergraduate (bachelor's) degree and written responses to questions that are part of the application process. All pertinent program and application materials are located on the TIES website.

    Note: The Montessori Integrative Learning program is not linked to Massachusetts teacher licensure.

    elementary education
  • Curriculum

    Program of Study

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, students will:

    • Articulate a deep understanding of integrative learning in written and oral exposition
    • Apply what is learned in an experiential context
    • Develop awareness of the social context and implications of the student's area of emphasis
    • Develop the ability to participate in a learning community and the personal development derived from collaborative experience
    • Understand technology as an integral part of the education environment

    Required Curriculum

    INT 507 - Research Oriented Observation (IL and MIL)
    INT 509 - Creativity and Research
    INT 511 - Peace Through Education
    INT 552 - Student Area of Emphasis and Technology I
    INT 560 - Foundations of Integrative Learning I (IL and MIL)
    INT 561 - Foundations of Integrative Learning II (IL and MIL)
    INT 562 - Whole Systems Perspectives: Theory and Application to Learning (IL and MIL)
    INT 565 - Perspectives on Human Change and Learning Communities
    INT 571 - Student Area of Emphasis II
    INT 573 - Practicum and Research
    INT 582 - Master's Project (IL)

    Total Degree Requirements - 36 credits

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