• Program Overview

    The three-semester, 100 percent online, 36-credit Master of Education in Integrative Learning compels individuals to develop systematic approaches to teaching and learning. Students will learn practical strategies for designing learning environments that meet the needs of a culture in rapid transition. 

    Program Requirements:

    Requirements for admission include an undergraduate (bachelor's) degree and written responses to questions that are part of the application process. All pertinent program and application materials are located on the TIES website.

    Note: The Montessori Integrative Learning program is not linked to Massachusetts teacher licensure.

    Areas of Emphasis

    Each student chooses an area of emphasis within the concentration of Integrative Learning. Examples of areas of emphasis include: peace education, nutritional ecology, teaching and learning with adolescents, environmental awareness, media literacy, art education, sense of place, leadership, learning communities, transformative education, holistic leadership, cosmology, art and community, experiential education, caring in the culinary arts, ecoliteracy, experiential learning, Earth education, administration, elementary music programs, and spiritual ecology.

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  • Curriculum

    Program of Study

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, students will:

    • Articulate a deep understanding of integrative learning in written and oral exposition
    • Apply what is learned in an experiential context
    • Develop awareness of the social context and implications of the student's area of emphasis
    • Develop the ability to participate in a learning community and the personal development derived from collaborative experience
    • Understand technology as an integral part of the education environment

    Required Curriculum

    INT 530 - Integrative Learning I-Learning Tools
    INT 553 - Exploring The Future Of Humanity I - Education and Systems 
    INT 580 - Integrative Foundation Emphasis I: Pedagogy
    INT 567 - Creativity And Research I: Observation
    INT 554 - Transformative Learning I: Reflections
    INT 541 - Developing Integrative Learning Techniques II: Processing Ideas
    INT 543 - Applying Integrative Learning Techniques III: Application
    INT 557 - Exploring The Future Of Humanity II - Cosmic Task of Humans
    INT 584 - Integrative Foundation Emphasis II: Questioning
    INT 568 - Creativity and Research II: Self and Other
    INT 556 - Transformative Learning II: Focus on Change
    INT 559 - Exploring The Future Of Humanity III - Forward Focus
    INT 586 - Integrative Foundation Emphasis III: Development of Meaning
    INT 569 - Creativity And Research III: Subject as Object
    INT 558 - Transformative Learning III: Assimilation 

    Total Degree Requirements - 36 credits

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