Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis Fifth Year Program (M.Ed.)

  • Program Overview

    Become a behavior analyst specializing in autism.

    This 39-credit graduate-level program is available to Endicott undergraduate students who plan to become behavior analysts specializing in autism. Students pursue a dual focused program of study that will enable them to take a variety of courses in both autism and applied behavior analysis (ABA) that are required to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), developing a skill set in the science and application of ABA to individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). 

    Unique program features include a course in collaboration, multiple electives in ASD, and the requirement of a research thesis or professional capstone project. Six credits in psychology, education or ABA (at over level 300) are completed at the undergraduate level, and the graduate degree can be completed in just 15 months.

    The following conditions apply for a student who completes a bachelor’s degree at Endicott College:

    The GRE/MAT application requirement is waived.
    A 3.0 GPA throughout your undergraduate course of study must be maintained.
    The application process must be completed by the beginning of the spring semester of the senior year.

    Non-Endicott graduates must hold a BCaBA in order to enroll in this Fifth Year program and are required to complete the total 39 credit program. 

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  • Curriculum

    Program of Study

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, students will:

    • Demonstrate acquisition of the knowledge, principles, and skills of Applied Behavior Analysis
    • Demonstrate application of assessment and behavior change procedures involved in educating and treating individuals with autism
    • Demonstrate understanding of the learning, behavioral, communication, and social characteristics of individuals with autism as manifested by knowledge of effective individualized curricular planning, effective classroom management, and an under standing of evidence-based practice

    Required Curriculum

    Required Courses in ABA (18 credits)

    ABA 510 - Conceptual Issues in Applied Behavior Analysis
    ABA 525 - Basic Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis
    ABA 534 - Measurement & Experimental Evaluation of Behavioral Interventions I
    ABA 541 - Behavioral Assessment
    ABA 554 - Behavior Change Procedures
    ABA 565 - Ethical Issues in Behavior Analysis
    ABA 699 - Comprehensive Review

    Required Courses in Autism (12 credits)

    AUT 527 - Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders
    AUT 537 - Developing Individualized Goals for Learners with Autism
    AUT 578 - Effective Collaboration Across Disciplines
    AUT 585 - Thesis/Capstone Project in ASD

    Elective Courses: Must Take Three (9 credits)

    ABA 555 - Intensive Practicum/Seminar I
    ABA 568 - Intensive Practicum/Seminar II
    AUT 540 - Adolescents and Adults with ASD: Transition and Meaningful Engagement
    AUT 550 - Supervision, Training and Organizational Management in an Autism Service Provision Context
    AUT 570 - Understanding and Remidiating Communication Deficits in Learners with Autism
    AUT 571 - Understanding and Remediating Social and Play Skill Deficits in Learners with Autism
    AUT 574 - Evidence-Based Practice

    Total Degree Requirements - 39 credits

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