Tuition and Fees

Van Loan Division Undergraduate

Undergraduate degree application fee (non-refundable) $25
Undergraduate registration fee $25
Undergraduate degree (per credit hour) $416
ESL levels 0, 1, 2, 3 (per credit hour) $150
ESL levels 4 & 5 (per credit hour) $416
PLA assessment fee (in addition to PLA tuition) $875
PLA book fee $50
PLA extension fee $75
 Day school audit fee (per credit hour) $696 
Day school part-time curricular fee (per semester) $275

Day school tuition rate (per credit hour)

Accelerated Bachelor in Nursing (ABSN) (per credit hour)  $1,092
Van Loan audit fee for undergraduate course $225

Other Fees

Official transcript fee (each) $6
Endicott employee registration fee per course $25
Late registration/late payment fee $50
Returned check fee $50
Graduation fee $200

Note: Tuition information for graduate-level courses is now available through the main Endicott website. 

Download 2023-24 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)

Download 2022–23 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)

Download 2021–22 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)

Download 2020–21 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)

Download 2019–20 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)

 Refund policy

  • 100% of tuition if requested before the second week (7th day of the course)
  • 50% if requested during the second week, but prior to the third week (14th day of the course)
  • No refund after the start of the third week

Please note: Application and registration fees are NOT refundable.