Tuition and Fees

Tuition and fees for Van Loan School for 2017–18

At the Van Loan School, part of our commitment to lifelong learning includes making education at all levels accessible to students who are motivated to succeed. As such, we strive to ensure that you receive outstanding value for your educational investment.


Undergraduate degree application fee (non-refundable) $25
Undergraduate degree per credit hour $359
ESL Level 0, 1,2,3 per course $150
ESL Level 4 and 5 per credit hour $359
Undergraduate registration fee per semester $25
APL assessment fee (in addition to APL tuition) $750
APL extension fee $75
APL book fee $50
Van Loan School audit fee for an undergrad course $200

Day School tuition rate (per credit)

Day School part-time curricular fee (per semester)
Day School audit fee (3 credit course) $600


Master's degree application fee (non-refundable) $50
M.Ed. per credit hour $478
MFA/M.A. in Interior Architecture per credit hour $752
M.S. in Homeland Security Studies per credit hour $683
M.S. in Information Technology per credit hour $717
M.S. in Nursing per credit hour $752
Applied Behavior Analysis Courses per credit hour $552
Autism courses per credit hour $552
TIES - Integrative Learning Programs per semester $7,163
MBA courses per credit $717

MBA general curricular fee*

The MBA curricular fee is billed per course (in addition to tuition)

as follows: Full-time MBA per course=$113;

Experienced Professional MBA per course= $97

Interior Architecture master's dissertation III extended $1,200
Graduate audit fee per course $230
MBA audit fee per course $29


Doctoral degree application (non-refundable) $50
Ed.D. per semester $5,227
Ed.D. curricular fee, per semester $750
Non-matriculated student tuition for one 3-credit
Ed.D. course- $2,614 plus a curricular fee of $375

Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis per semester $6,178
Non-matriculated student tuition for one 3-credit Ph.D. course $3,089
Ph.D. in Nursing per semester $5,150
Non-matriculated student tuition for one 3-credit Ph.D. Nursing course $2,575
Doctoral continuation fee $1,200
Other Fees
Endicott employee registration fee per course $25
Late registration/late payment fee $50
Returned check fee $50
Graduation fee $200
Official transcript fee (each) $6
Materials fee, if any, will be noted in the course description

Download 2017-2018 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)

Download 2016-2017 Tuition and Fee Schedule (PDF)