Single Parent Services

Endicott College provides support for our parent scholars through our Single Parent Services. We provide education, coaching, and professional development for students in a collaborative, student-focused environment. Single Parent Services is a contemporary expression of our mission to provide educational access to the needs of single parents today.

Single Parent Services

  • Receive grants towards your education for tuition and textbooks.
  • Enroll with our Academic Success Program to receive free Academic Coaching.
  • Explore career paths with our Career Center coaches.
  • Attend the annual Parent Scholar Recognition Ceremony.
  • Participate in Parent Cafes to connect with other like-minded scholars.
  • Parents can choose to be full participants in campus life, including such activities as athletics, clubs, and organizations.

How it Works

  • Once you are accepted to the college, let your advisor know you are interested in Single Parent Services.
  • Fill out the FAFSA for additional grant opportunities.

Who Should Apply

  • Highly-motivated student single parents.
  • Students interested in moving from a job to a career.
  • Busy parents balancing work and childcare with a desire to succeed academically.

Our Partners

Endicott College partners with organizations who are dedicated to your success.