Credit for Prior Learning

"As I went through the process, I learned to appreciate the true value of my knowledge and to no longer defer to another’s opinion that I thought was better than mine. I realized that I do have a large knowledge base."
Amy-Beth Healy '16

What you know is more important than where you learned it.

We recognize that not all education occurs in a classroom, and that adults may have acquired college-level knowledge through work and life experiences. Our three-credit, semester-long course offers a personal tour of reflection, retrieval, and writing processes. You’ll create a portfolio that documents your professional and personal expertise, which you will use to petition for credit. 

More than a course, CPL is transformational

At its base, Credit for Prior Learning (CPL) offers you a meaningful way to save time and money as you work toward your degree. When you dig deeper, you’ll find its true value is an affirmation that your expertise is meaningful and that it matters. Our highly supported process boosts your confidence as you collaboratively discover with faculty and peer support, how much you already know.

By completing the CPL course (PLA 100)

Your work and life experience may earn you:

Up to 15 credits toward an associate degree
Up to 30 credits toward a bachelor’s degree

"This class was more than just taking another college class. The process was eye-opening and has given me a professional confidence that I did not have before. Watching this portfolio come together over the weeks has been an accomplishment. At the beginning of the year I set out to get my bachelor’s degree because the lack of that piece of paper has held me back professionally. This portfolio has been both an academic and personal achievement. This process has given me the confidence that I have what it takes to continue to get my MBA."
Dawn Kwiatek '19