Prior Learning Assessment

What you know is more important than where you learned it.

We recognize that not all education occurs in a classroom, and that adults may have acquired college-level knowledge through work and life experiences. Our three-credit, semester-based, learner-centric courses offer a personal tour of reflection, retrieval, and writing processes. You’ll create a digital portfolio that documents your professional and personal expertise.

Undergraduate-level PLA (PLA 100)

Your collective experience may earn you:

  • Up to 15 credits toward an associate degree
  • Up to 30 credits toward a bachelor’s degree

Master’s- & Doctoral-level PLA (PLA 500, PLA 700)

Your collective experience may earn you:

Up to 6 credits toward a master’s degree
Up to 6 credits toward a doctoral degree

Determination of credit is made by discipline experts.

Credit is awarded for:

  • College- or graduate-level learning
  • Learning that has a balance between theory and practical application
  • Material that is appropriate to academic context

“As I went through the process, I learned to appreciate the true value of my knowledge and to no longer defer to another’s opinion that I thought was better than mine. I realized that I do have a large knowledge base.” — Amy-Beth Healey, B.S. Business Management