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Our learning platform and advanced teaching techniques create an enjoyable and rich online experience. Professors lead engaging discussions, and may ask students to view documentaries, lectures, and online assets from various sources to help create a well-rounded online learning program. Similar to on-site classes, our online classes offer variety, support, and multiple ways to stay in touch with faculty and classmates. For instance, all students enrolled in science courses receive products from e-Science Labs, providing a multi-faceted online, but also hands-on, learning experience. Online learning will also improve your technology skills, something that is applicable to work and life.

Carola Terreni '19 smiling while standing on a lawn
Our Engaging, Collaborative, and Supportive Online Learning Community
Achieving an undergraduate degree while raising five children and working full-time was made possible through the Van Loan School’s online programs.
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All of the Van Loan School's undergraduate programs give you the option to take programs that are 100 percent online. Blended options, which offer courses that are taught partially online and on-site are also available.

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Support services for online students

All online learners have the same access to services as on-site students. Diane M. Halle Library staff are available by phone in the evening and on weekends. You will also receive personal attention from your academic advisor. Technical support is available 24 hours a day for all online classes. Call, text, or send an email and get the technical help you need to succeed.