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Van Loan School at Endicott College Doctor of Education in Higher Education Leadership, Prek-12 Leadership

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I just knew the program because I wanted to have choices as to what I pursued in education. The landscape is very large; there’s much diversity in what you can accomplish as an educator. And so I believed that earning a doctorate would give me the opportunity to have choice about what I wanted to pursue. This is a big step, but it’s an achievable step. The professors here believe in you, they believe in your ability, and they will do everything they can to see you through to the end of it. The relationship between the faculty and the students in the Ed.D program is one of our hallmarks. The students are advised by one person, and assigned that advisor at the beginning of their program. That go-to person, is there no matter what, and they triage problems before they become unwieldy, and they are also there as a resource to help them become successful as they progress through the program, as they do their apprenticeship, as they're writing their dissertation, because my goal is the success of all our students. People here are very down to earth, they are very understanding. They will drive you, but they do understand the context of being an adult learner and being someone who has a family, and someone who commutes to campus. I think they really get that. From the day that they enter to graduation, the growth that they show in their writing skills, in their presentation skills, in their communication skills, just in being professionals, is phenomenal, and I am so proud to have been a part of the journey of the groups of students that have graduated, and seeing that they are now at a level that they can go anywhere and represent Endicott in such a wonderfully professionally way. Earning a doctorate is not a necessary step, but if it was necessary everybody would do it. This is not a program that everybody should do, this is a program for people who really want to dig in, this program develops the capacity to do, it asks you to think deeply about yourself. So I don't think this is a program for the faint of heart, this is a program for serious leaders who want to change the world.