Liberal Studies with Montessori Learning Concentration (B.A.)

  • Program Overview

    Strengthen your foundation in the Montessori approach to education.

    As a Montessori teacher, you enrich children’s lives every day. Now expand your knowledge and experience through a holistic study of arts and humanities, education, business, science, and math.

    The bachelor's degree in liberal studies with a concentration in Montessori learning is your opportunity to grow your career. The Endicott College Van Loan School of Professional Studies' flexible, online, and accelerated degree-completion program is designed to meet the challenges of balancing work, family, and school.

    The bachelor's degree curriculum in liberal studies and psychology builds upon the education you already have as a Montessori educator, with an innovative online program that draws on arts and humanities, education, business, science, and math.

    BS liberal studies
  • Curriculum

    Curriculum Requirements - Total Credits Required: 126

    Required Curriculum

    World Cultures Course (3 Cr.)
    Aesthetic Awareness & Creative Expression Course (3 Cr.)
    Literary Perspectives Course (3 Cr.)
    Individual and Society Course (3 Cr.)
    Quantitative Reasoning Course (3 Cr.)
    Values & Ethical Reasoning Course (3 Cr.)
    Science & Technology Course (3 Cr.)
    Global Issues Course (3 Cr.)
    World Language (6 Cr.)
    General Education Electives (12 Cr.) 
    Core Electives (Must be above 100 level) (6 Cr.)
    Psychology or Sociology Elective (3 Cr.)
    Philosophy or Religion Elective (3 Cr)
    Political Science Elective (3 Cr.)
    Science or Math Elective (3 Cr.)
    History Elective (3 Cr.)
    Political Science or IDS Elective (3 Cr.)
    English Elective (3 Cr.)
    American Studies or IDS Elective (3 Cr.)
    Open Electives (7 Cr.)
    • EC 201 - Experience, Competency and Belonging (Cr: 3)
    • EC 355 - Career Transitions (Cr: 4)
    • ENG 111 - Critical Reading and Writing I (Cr: 3)
    • ENG 112 - Critical Reading and Writing II (Cr: 3)
    • IDS 201 - Interdisciplinary Seminar (Cr: 3)
      Taken twice (Cr: 6)
    • IDS 302 - Methods of Inquiry in the Humanities (Cr: 3)
    • PSY 236 - Research Methods (Cr: 3)
    • IDS 489 - Senior Research (Cr: 3)
    • IDS 490 - Senior Thesis (Cr: 3)

    Total Number of Credits Required for Concentration: 18

    Elective (Cr: 3)

    • ED 101 - Introduction to Education (Cr: 3)
    • IDS 100 - Seminar in Academic Inquiry (Cr: 3)
    • PSY 200 - Child and Adolescent Psychology (Cr: 3)

    Learning Outcomes

    Upon completion of the program, students will:

    • Effectively communicate in writing and through oral communication.
    • Demonstrate the critical inquiry and analysis skills needed to engage constructively in intellectual discourse in various disciplines.
    • Recall and apply the basic foundational knowledge of educational studies as delivered through the Baccalaureate Core.
    • Articulate the connections and distinctions between and among liberal arts disciplines, and their contemporary relevance.
    • Design, execute and present a personal project, which synthesizes and applies, selected knowledge, skills and experiences appropriate to the student's personal and professional goals and/or their chosen area of specialization.

    In addition to fulfilling the outcomes of the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies program, students completing the concentration in Montessori Education will:

    • Enhance student writing and critical thinking regarding the Montessori Method.
    • Develop skills in action research.
    • Identify and describe intrinsic motivation as it applies to themselves as teachers and students.
    • Understanding the role of democracy in establishing the current public and private education system.
    • Assess the influence of culture on educational objectives.

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  • Internships and Careers

    An education from the Van Loan School means you'll have access to premiere career resources—long after you graduate.

    Whether you're finishing your undergraduate study, adding new credentials, or working toward a new career path, you'll find resources through our Internship and Career Center to help you get where you want to go. From career advising to resume support, we're here to prepare you for your next step.

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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)

Real-life experience that counts towards your degree! You may complete a three-credit Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) course, in which you can gain as many as 30 credits toward your degree by demonstrating understanding and experience gained in your Montessori teaching careers.