Associate Programs

Associate Degree Programs


Learn marketing, project management, and basic accounting/finance—skills applicable to jobs in various industries or nonprofit organizations.

Computer Science

Learn programming, networking, and web applications in preparation for a career in this fast-growing profession.

Criminal Justice

Discover how the criminal justice system operates and pursue a career in law enforcement, the justice systems, corrections, or social services.

Integrated Studies

Build a strong foundation in communication, conceptualization, mathematics, science, and liberal arts—and discover your passion.

Credits for Prior Experience

The Van Loan School offers adult learners the opportunity to accelerate their degree completion through an assessment of learning gained through documentable work and life experience. In a structured class, students are guided through a portfolio process to petition for a maximum of 15 credits.

Bachelor's Programs

Associate graduates are eligible for a 20% discount to continue on to a Endicott bachelors program.