Overview and Military FAQs

  • What if my class schedule changes?

    If your class schedule changes due to adding a course, dropping a course, withdrawing from a course or a canceled course, you must contact both Endicott College’s certifying official and inform your VA representative.

    Your VA representative can be found at www.GIBILL.va.gov or by telephone at 1-888-442-4551.

    IMPORTANT: You are responsible for all debts resulting from reductions or terminations of your enrollment. 

  • How do I obtain military transcripts for my undergraduate degree?

    Endicott College accepts up to 85 transfer credits toward a bachelor's degree and 32 credits toward an associate's degree. To request your official military transcript, please visit the Joint Services Transcript website.

  • Where do I apply for benefits?

    You can apply for benefits at the Veterans Benefits Administration web page. If you need help with benefits please call our VITAL representative.

  • Should I switch from Chapter 30 to the Post 911 bill (Chapter 33)?

    The Veterans Benefits Administration provides a GI Bill Comparison Tool to compare the various chapters as well as the pros and cons of each.

  • Do I have to confirm my attendance each month with the VA?

    The new GI Bill (Chapter 33) does not require that you do so. However, if you are under Chapter 30, you will be required to continue to confirm your attendance monthly.

  • Can I complete my academic residency after enrolling?

    Academic residency can be completed at any time while active-duty military service members are enrolled. Reservists and National Guard members on active duty are covered in the same manner. For the Van Loan School, academic residency can be completed in online courses.