STARS Curriculum Overview

The Endicott College Van Loan School of Professional Studies offers a three-credit course, Strategies for Transition, Academia, Readjustment, and Success for Military Students, that explores the significant and historical impact of military undergraduates and veterans upon communities of higher education.

We will examine research and case study evidence that demonstrate successful strategies for transition, adjustment, and reintegration to college life and beyond. This course uses various forms of media, small group discussions, and in-class activities to explore the subject matter.

In this course, you will learn to:

  • Apply military leadership skills to college life: service, academic commitment, confidence, and openness to one’s academic discipline
  • Articulate the unique role of students who are serving or have served in the military in the college environment
  • Demonstrate the skills needed to successfully navigate college and civilian life
  • Understand the role of culture in identity formation and articulate common challenges in the post-military transition
  • Define resiliency and be able to successfully design a health and wellness plan that is supportive of academic and professional success

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This course is offered for credit for all undergraduate students. Graduate students may audit this course if they feel it will enhance their studies. Interested in the STARs curriculum? Register today.